Our Team

Our Team

Our team is currently comprised of five Avans students:

Merijn Albers.

Business Management / Economics.

Since sustainability is gaining more and more time on businesses, I felt I had to jump on the bandwagon. I’m not the typical sustainability guy, but I’m convinced we need to participate in creating a great environment for ourselves and future generations. Since Avans is broadening its policy on sustainability it would be an excelent opportunity to learn about serveral disciplines out of my comfort zone, while being a part of setting up and achieving goals within the Green Office. Next to parttime study and a full time job it is a welcome addition to my work experience and my personal viewpoint on this growing subject.

Jara Birkholz

IBMS with major CML

Motivation: The green office is the chance to make an impact while learning more about sustainability and working with passionate and creative people.

Maurizia Puh


After finishing my studies, I want to work in a company or in an organization that works towards a more sustainable future. The Green Office is for me the opportunity to getting started with making a bigger part of my environment more sustainable, to see the possibilities one has to make a change for the better, and to gain some insight into how a big-scale institution can tackle today’s challenges. I hope that we, the Green Office will have (positively) memorable projects and that we will be able to reach out to Avans’ students and staff, so that sustainability becomes a vital part of our everyday life at and after university.

Varad Kapur


I wanted to have more of a stake in the work towards sustainability. I hope that students at Avans start realizing how much they can have an effect on the environment and start making their own lives more sustainable.

Sophia Daoud

International Business & Languages

I joined the Green Office for personal and professional development. I’m interested in the environment and everything that happens around us and would like to work together with people who have the same interests.