Funky Phone Challenge

De Kick-Off van de Funky Phone Challenge! Timmy de Vos, mede-initiatiefnemer van E-waste Arcades komt de #FunkyPhoneChallenge openen bij Avans!

Er komt een interessante gastles en de oude Arcade, waar je bij inlevering van je oude telefoon een spel op kan spelen, wordt officieel geopend!

Datum: 16 januari om 13:00
Locatie: Hal van de Hogeschoollaan

Iedereen is uitgenodigd!

Save precious resources and hand in your old phone to help Avans win the Funky Phone Challenge!

In the Netherlands, only 45% of all electronic devices are being recycled. A lot of old phones, DVD-players and other broken devices end up in the waste bin every year. Which is a shame, because a lot of the materials found in those devices can be reused, like gold, silver and copper.

For this reason, Avans is participating in the Funky Phone Challenge, a challenge to collect as many old phones as possible, to ask awareness for a circular economy; an economy where all resources are used and re-used as effectively as possible.

It’s a competition against the University Leiden, Hogeschool Leiden, Start up Mix @ Radboud University Nijmegen and the Hogeschool Arnhem/Nijmegen.

The Funky Phone arcade, a gaming arcade made of discarded electronic devices, is ready to collect your old phone from the 15th of January until the 8th of February. After handing in your old phone, the Funky Phone arcade will let you play an awesome and interactive game. It’s location; the Hogeschoollaan in Breda. Don’t worry! If you want to participate, but don’t live in Breda? All other faculties of Avans will have a special box where you can also hand in your old phone.

But why hand in your old phone? First of all, to help Avans win the Funky Phone Challenge. If we win, we receive a €1000,- cheque and the money will be used to fund a new GreenOffice project, that will make Avans even more sustainable.

Second, handing in your phone means saving precious resources, decreasing CO2 emissions and helping prevent child labour for winning resources in mines in third world countries.

So, hand in your phone during the Funky Phone Challenge and help us win!

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How did our first symposium go?

We had our first Symposium on Tuesday 12th of december. Together with three inspiring guest speakers, students, lecturers and Green Office member we spent two hours talking about whether “To Europe or not to Europe”.

Controversial statements such as  “It is in the best interest of the EU to accept as few refugees as possible” and “Brexit and plans such as Nexit prove the EU is only beneficial for poorer countries” led to interesting discussions among our experts. Pirmin Olde Weghuis, who works as an advisor to pblco, Marien Boonman, board member of Studenten voor Morgen and Richard Wouters, expert on European politics, showed different perspectives and gave interesting insights. Critical questions and comments from the audience contributed further to a thought-provoking conversation.

After a quick break in which we had something to drink and snack, the second part of the Symposium started and we continued the discussion in small groups. Now it was time for everybody to vote with their feet. Depending on whether or not someone agreed to a statement (or something in between), people would walk to different sides of the room. Again it became clear that there are many different opinions about the European Union, and the interactive discussion made some people change their mind about statements like “The EU needs a force to ensure environmental policy” several times. The one thing that everybody agreed on was that this broad topic offers a lot of room for debating.

The first Symposium was a success, thanks to our great guest speakers and intrigued participants. Stay tuned for upcoming Symposiums with other interesting topics! We hope to see you there again.