In order to achieve our goals at the Green Office of Avans University of Applied Sciences we try to accomplish our work through our five portfoilios.

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Community Team


Sophia aims to raise awareness throughout the Avans community about sustainability issues and the efforts led by Avans, through promotion and the creation of events and activities to engage students and staff as well as members of the local community in Breda.

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Operations Team


Merijn and Jara are in charge of this portfolio which will implement projects that aim to reduce the environmental and social footprints of Avans. Its activities include the production of a sustainability baseline report and yearly assessment of this latter and the development of new initiatives in areas where sustainability is lacking, e.g. green catering, e-waste, etc.

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Education Team


Maurizia is  in charge of this portfolio with the following activities: Inventory and yearly assessment of sustainability courses, working together with professors to integrate sustainability in specific courses and to use the Green Office as a case study, the Green Office Academy (potential activity). This team will work together with professors of different academies and students.

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Research Team


Varad is in charge of the Living Lab project. This is an ongoing project at other Green Offices that proved to be effective. The Living Lab would mobilize the research capacity of the Avans curriculum and academics to advance the sustainability efforts at the university as a living laboratory. Students and academics would conduct research on sustainability topics related to the sustainability transition of Avans. To be implemented at Avans, its potential needs to be first examined. Research-questions addressing the sustainability transition of Avans will be identified. Then, meeting with academic and research community will help featuring if Avans benefits from a great expertise and research capacities within the curriculum, which seems already the case. Courses that could be used to answer these questions through Bachelor and Master Theses or applied research projects will need to be identified.

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Organization Team


Esther and Alex are in charge of the creation and maintenance of the website, the Facebook page and the newsletters, as well as for the recruitment and coordination of the team and the follow-up of internal meetings, reporting and budget dashboards. These tasks are done in collaboration with several partners such as members of the Supervisory Board, a contact person for administrative issues, as well as staff members.

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